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Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Services Titling

Vehicle Credit

Delaware law allows a vehicle owner who trades in a vehicle when purchasing another vehicle to deduct from the purchase price the value of the trade-in vehicle. This will reduce the amount of document fee paid when titling the new vehicle. The dealer normally processes the trade-in credit when the owner trades the vehicle to the dealership when purchasing a new vehicle. Trade-in credit is only allowed for one motor vehicle or trailer per application.

Vehicle owners who sell their vehicle privately and purchase a replacement vehicle may also apply for a credit/refund.

The Document Fee Credit/Refund Application (MV347) must be submitted to the Division when applying for credit/refund when your vehicle was not traded to a Delaware dealer.

  1. Vehicles that are sold prior to the titling of a new vehicle can be credited at the time of titling the new vehicle. The Document Fee Credit/Refund Application (MV347) must be submitted with the new vehicle title work for immediate credit.
  2. The vehicle that you are claiming a credit/refund for must have been sold within 60 days prior to or 60 days after the new vehicle was titled in Delaware.
  3. The credit/refund vehicle must be a Delaware titled vehicle, and the name on the title must be the same as at least one of the applicant(s) who is applying for the title on the new vehicle.
  4. When the sale of the credit/refund vehicle occurs after titling a new vehicle, the Document Fee Credit/Refund Application (MV347) must be received by the Division's Administrative Office within 15 days after the sale. The title to the credit/refund vehicle must be transferred into the new owner's name(s), or you must notify the Division that the vehicle was transferred before a refund will be processed. Notification must be accomplished by returning the "Seller's Report of Sale" from your Delaware title or the registration card with the buyer's information completed.
  5. Owners turning in a leased vehicle may also apply for the credit/refund when leasing or purchasing a replacement vehicle. A copy of the lease contract showing the residual value of the leased vehicle must be supplied to obtain the credit.
  6. When replacing a vehicle deemed a total loss by your insurance company, refer to Item 2A on the Document Fee Credit/Refund Application (MV347) for specific information required.