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Division of Motor Vehicles

Motor Fuel - MFTA -Listing of Licensed Accounts

The information listed in these reports is to be used to determine license number and contact information only of companies licensed with this Department. The effective date and/or suspension dates reflected by this department are not included in this information. As a result, this information should not be used to determine taxation of transactions made to other licensed accounts. If specific dates of licensure or other information are required, please contact this Department at (302)744-2715.

Motor Fuel Distributors


Special Fuel Dealers


Special Fuel Suppliers


Special Fuel users


Motor Fuel Retail Dealers


Motor Fuel Exempt


Common Carriers


Delaware Marinas Selling Gasoline


Full/Self Stations Providing Assistance to Mobility Impaired Motorists


Full Service Stations Providing Assistance to Mobility Impaired Motorists


Self Service Stations with Call Devices per House Bill 83


Aviation Jet Fuel Supplier


Aviation Jet Fuel Exempt