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Important Message from Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

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Delaware City Driver Services: 302-365-8771, Delaware City Vehicle Services: 302-365-8770,Dover Driver Services: 302-744-2703, Dover Vehicle Services: 302-744-2568, Georgetown Driver Services: 302-853-1044, Georgetown Vehicle Services: 302-853-1034, Wilmington Driver Services: 302-434-3209, Wilmington Vehicle Services: 302-434-3208 logo

Division of Motor Vehicles

General Information

Renewals for Active Duty Military and Department of Defense Employees

In order to better serve our military customers, the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles permits active duty military personnel, Department of Defense contractors and civilian employees of the military, and their dependents that are stationed or have been deployed outside of the State of Delaware to renew their driver licenses through the mail.

While we can accommodate remote military renewals, many times circumstances prevent soldiers and support staff from being able to conduct business with the DMV during their deployment. Therefore, the DMV will not charge late renewal fees for active duty military personnel, Dept of Defense employees, or their dependents when renewing their driver licenses beyond the expiration date if it is proven that they were deployed or stationed outside of the State of Delaware at the time of expiration. Military identification along with military assignment orders will provide this proof. If the orders are expired, please submit a statement on Armed Forces letterhead, signed by a commissioned officer as to your current status.

Delaware driver license renewals are valid for eight years. Duplicate licenses will have the same expiration date as the one that was lost or stolen.

When mailing your remote renewal request to the DMV please follow the below steps:

The following information must be provided:

  1. Name in full
  2. Date-of-birth
  3. License number, if known
  4. Social Security Number
  5. Copy of military assignment orders for where you are currently stationed and/or a copy of your Military ID card or Department of Defense/Geneva Conventions ID card. If you are a military dependant, your name must be listed on the orders and you must include a copy of your dependent ID. If the orders are expired, please submit a statement on Armed Forces letterhead, signed by a commissioned officer as to your current status and location.
  6. Current Delaware address to be placed on the license. (The address of a parent or family member may be used if you no longer maintain a residence in Delaware.)
  7. Provide place of birth (city, state, and country).
    **If you were born outside of the US or do not have a photo on your license, please call 302.744.2506 for additional information.
  8. Contact phone number or e-mail address.
  9. Mailing address - The license will only be mailed directly to the applicant.
  10. Signature of applicant.

Fees - checks/money orders - make out to DMV for the exact amount:

A Renewal- - Class D
- Non-CDL Class A or Class B
- Class CDL (not for Hazmat)
- Perm D
Add For a motorcycle endorsement
B Duplicate - for license lost or stolen

For faster service, include a self addressed, stamped envelope.

Address all correspondence to:
Division of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Driver Services Dept.
P.O. Box 698
Dover, DE 19903

Address for overnight delivery via FedEx or UPS
(please do not use the United States Postal Service):
Division of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Driver Services Dept.
303 Transportation Cir.
Dover, DE 19901