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Division of Motor Vehicles

Driving Courses

How many people are fortunate enough to do what they love?

We know 20,000 who do.

There are over 20,000 motorcyclists nationwide teaching people to enjoy riding motorcycles as much as they do. Think about it. As a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach you will help others to learn basic riding skills. At the same time, you will do what you enjoy AND are being paid for it. Teaching someone to ride better with an emphasis on safety not only helps the new rider, it also benefits everyone on the road.

Who teaches the RiderCoach Preparation Course?

MSF-certified RiderCoach Trainers teach the course. These specially trained RiderCoaches have completed the MSF's RiderCoach Trainer Preparation Course and are authorized to train candidates for MSF RiderCoach certification.

What qualifications do I need to enroll?

You must be a licensed motorcyclist, at least 18 years of age, who currently rides on a frequent, routine basis. You should have several years of varied riding experience. As a RiderCoach you need good communication skills. You'll be scheduled to teach RiderCourses the State of Delaware offers. A sincere desire to help reduce motorcycle accidents, injuries, and deaths is the prime motivator of a RiderCourse RiderCoach.

What does the course cover and what are the completion requirements?

The course is approximately 60 hours long. During the RiderCoach Preparation Course, you'll learn the fundamentals of teaching the MSF's Basic RiderCourse (BRC). The RiderCoach Preparation Course is usually scheduled to run over four consecutive weekends; you should plan on 8 to 9 days of intense training.

As a part of the course, you will be required to pass a riding-skills test. It is the same test used in the MSF's Basic RiderCourse; the standards are higher for RiderCoach candidates

During the course, you will learn how to teach the BRC curriculum. You will practice teaching in a classroom, learn how to manage the range exercises and how to evaluate and coach students as they develop their riding skills.

At the end of the training portion of the course you will be given a knowledge test. You must pass it to continue in the program.

The course culminates when you and your classmates teach a complete Basic RiderCourse to a group of novice riders. The RiderCoach Trainers will evaluate your performance. Successfully completing student teaching is your final requirement to qualify for MSF RiderCourse RiderCoach certification.

As a RiderCoach candidate, you will use the RiderCoach Guide for the BRC. You will also receive many MSF materials, reports, and instructional handouts to start your own reference library.

What is the course schedule?

The RiderCoach Preparation Course is usually scheduled to run over four consecutive weekends.

When is the course offered?

Typically, the course is offered once a year in the spring (between March and June) depending on program needs for additional RiderCoaches.

How can I find out when/where a course will be offered?

Completing the information requested on this page will allow us to review your eligibility for an upcoming RiderCoach Preparation Course. We will contact you and let you know the dates of the scheduled RCP at least 2 months prior to the start of the class.

What does the course cost?

The current tuition fee for the RCP is $150.00.

Course Schedules

Listed below are all of the locations where courses are offered. The number in parentheses represents how many novice courses are currently scheduled at that location. If you wish to attend a course at a location where none are scheduled, please check back at another time.

Be prepared!

If you enroll in a course, arrive prepared to ride! Every day! Required riding gear includes a helmet that complies with DOT standards (3/4 or Full-Face); eye protection; over-the-ankle, sturdy leather footwear; long pants; long-sleeved shirt or jacket; and full-fingered gloves (preferably leather).

Be prepared to spend time studying during off-class hours. This is an intensive program that requires a lot of work, concentration and commitment. Do not enroll unless you can attend every class meeting.

We highly recommend you complete a BRC prior to the RiderCoach Preparation Course. After registering for the RCP and receiving your course materials, we will waive the course fee for you to complete a BRC prior to the RiderCoach Preparation Course.

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