The Division of Motor Vehicle and the Weights and Measures Unit of the Department of Agriculture have reached an agreement to transfer the authority for the administration of oversight of Delaware retail dealers. This agreement is in alignment with the Governor's initiative to optimize resources and staff while at the same time reducing the amount of administrative burden on companies selling fuel to the motoring public. Senate Bill 219 transferred responsibility for the Office of Retail Gasoline Sales to the Department of Agriculture effective July 1, 2010.

Both agencies will continue to work cooperatively to share information to assist the Department of Agriculture with this project. If you have any questions regarding this program or wish to file a complaint for contaminated fuel, please contact the Department of Agriculture at (302) 698-4500 or (800) 282-8685.

In addition to oversight of the fuel quality issues the Weights and Measures Unit of the Department of Agriculture will also be responsible for the following issues required of Title 6, Chapter 29:

  • Inspection of handicapped call buttons at retail dealer stations required for disabled or elderly motorist.
  • Inspection of signs posted at retail dealer stations to notify disabled motorist of their rights for fueling assistance.
  • Inspection of additional prices signs to notify motorist of prices charged at the pump for the respective type of service.
  • Inspection of retail station signage and pump markings regarding branding of fuel sold to motorist.
  • Inspection of ethanol content decals required to be posted on dispensing devices.

As part of the effort to reduce the amount of administrative burden and cost on retail dealers, the requirement to maintain a retail dealer license as required under Title 30 will be suspended at this time. We are asking all retail dealers remained registered with this office in order to effectively track deliveries of fuel within the state that are required to be charged the Delaware excise taxes. All licensed companies that report tax paid sales to the retail dealers must still include the registration number of all retail dealers on their monthly Motor Fuel Distributor and Special Fuel Supplier tax returns. If you have any questions about retail dealer registrations, please contact our Motor Fuel Tax Administration Support Staff ( MF Specialist/Jason Vander Schel (302) 744-2651 or our MF Accounting Specialist/Sandy Thompson (302) 744-2711). If you prefer email, please direct your inquiry to