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Important Message from Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles

Appointment Numbers (Calls taken during business hours only.)

Delaware City Driver Services: 302-365-8771, Delaware City Vehicle Services: 302-365-8770,Dover Driver Services: 302-744-2703, Dover Vehicle Services: 302-744-2568, Georgetown Driver Services: 302-853-1044, Georgetown Vehicle Services: 302-853-1034, Wilmington Driver Services: 302-434-3209, Wilmington Vehicle Services: 302-434-3208 logo

Division of Motor Vehicles

Senior Driving

Your Car :: General Information

Choosing a vehicle that is "the right fit" is a part of safe driving. The right vehicle will make you feel comfortable and in control, ultimately making you a more confident driver. Whether buying a vehicle or seeking a better fit for your current vehicle, these pages are designed to help you find your perfect fit behind the wheel.