Name Change

Within 30 days after legally changing your name, you must personally go to an office of the Division to change the name on your license. Bring in your old driver license, an original/certified copy of your marriage certificate or court document, and your updated Social Security Card as evidence of the name change, The Division will take your photo, collect your new signature, and issue you a new license for $1.15.

Address Change

After changing your Delaware address, you have thirty (30) days to notify both the Vehicle Registration and Driver's License Sections of the Division of Motor Vehicles. Write to the Division of Motor Vehicles, Driver License Section, P.O. Box 698, Dover, Delaware 19903. Give us the number of your driver's license, your name as it appears on the license and your new address. We will change our records. To change your license document, you must come into any of our facilities and we will replace your license at no cost. (See the Vehicle Equipment, Titles, Registration and Insurance Section for changing the address on your vehicle registration.)