Code Private/CMV Description - Endorsements
H CMV Hazardous Materials
N CMV Tank Vehicle
O CMV Other
P CMV Passenger, All Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV)
Q CMV Passenger, B and C CMV Only
R CMV Passenger, C CMV Only
T CMV Double/Triple Trailers
X CMV Tank and Hazmat
M Private and CMV Motorcycle
S CMV School Bus
Z Private and CMV Taxicab
Code Description - Restrictions
A Conditional Ignition Interlock (IID)
B Corrective Lenses
C Mechanical Aid
D Prosthetic Aid
Q Auto Transmission
F Outside Mirrors
G Daylight Only
I Ignition Interlock
J Other
K CDL Intrastate Only
L CMV Without Airbrakes
U 3 Wheeled Motorcycle Only
V CDL Medical Variance
W Medical
Y Convicted Sex Offender